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Escape an Ever-Changing Labyrinth!


You’re on a quest to find the Magic Scrolls, but they’ve been hidden by the evil sorcerer, Zordak! Enter his magical maze realm and dodge his wicked traps…but can you escape before the maze disappears forever?

Maze of Magic Title Screen
Maze of Magic - player spawning

Enter the maze and find the scrolls

Navigate the mysterious paths of the maze in order to find the magical scrolls, using your wits and trusty compass. But you must beware of getting lost! When the time limit is reached the maze will vanish, trapping you forever!


Beware of Zordak’s magic

Zordak will stop at nothing to keep the scrolls to himself! He uses traps to slow you down or even knock you off the maze completely. His most devilish spell can even change the maze itself - so best be careful.

Jungle Zone Entrance.jpg

Maze of Magic

is an unusual puzzle game that will put your magical skills to the test. You will need to be quick on your feet to solve the maze in time, and also be able to adapt to and predict changes in the maze layout. The question is: Can you escape?